Hello everyone. I write with a heavy but content heart following my decision that Will 2 Listen will not continue into 2018. This was not an easy decision to make; the past 2 years of running the blog have been a blast!

A lot can change in two years and during the past couple of months it has become increasingly difficult to pay due attention to the website. Circumstances have changed, but the experience of Will 2 Listen has been valuable. The people whom we’ve met and those who have reached out by simply finding me on the web have made the project very rewarding.

It’s still amazing to me that there is so much fantastic undiscovered talent out there and I hope you all keep aiming for your dreams and doing your thing. To those artists who we’ve written about over the past two years, I hope we’ve done a little something to help you. Whether it was raising your profile via the web or, at the very least, adding our voice to the calls for your discovery and success.

Will 2 Listen will continue to run to the end of the year and we will have our usual awards round-up to highlight what we thought were the best albums and songs of 2017. However, as some of you may have noticed, the amount of review content we’re able to publish has decreased. If I can’t keep the site going to the level I would like, then I would rather end it on a high. We’ll do our best to continue writing about the music sent our way until the end of the year.

This is not goodbye, more a farewell for now. To all the artists, songwriters, promoters and all those involved in getting great music out there, we salute you. You are our friends and you always will be.


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20/11/17: TBC

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Will Hunt – Editor

Will 2 Listen was created in 2015. Following a year spent working and learning in the music industry, I wanted to merge my love of writing with my love of music and so I came to the logical conclusion to start a blog.

The name ‘Will 2 Listen’ represents a deep motivation, irrespective of genre, to share and discuss music in a truly appreciative and constructively critical way.

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