Arcade Fire – Everything Now

For their fifth studio album, Arcade Fire offer their artistic interpretation on the state of the modern world. How noisy the world’s become amidst inescapable news and social media. With our attention pulled every which way in modern society, as the band address, they’d better hope they can be the remedy. So put down your fidget spinner, turn off the idiot box and let ‘Everything Now’ give you pause for thought while you meet up with your friends rather than sending them meaningless pictures via Snapchat. 

The title track and its catchy piano melody follow an eerie and distorted intro to the album. The Canadian sextet shows their flair for groove and creativity. This could so easily have been a moody record with the topics they address, but it’s vibrant and lively. ‘Signs of Life’ and ‘Chemistry’ will motivate you to your feet while the relentless ‘Infinite Content’ captures the essence of inescapable information. The frenetic pace symbolic of modern society’s constant distraction.

This could so easily have been a moody record with the topics they address, but it’s vibrant and lively.

Rather beautifully, the band follow up the chaos with the calm; turning ‘Infinite_Content’ into a chilled country song. ‘Electric Blue’ then re-introduces the alt-pop side of Arcade Fire before ‘Good God Damn’ adopts an indie rock rhythm and vocal structure similar to the Black Keys.

The whole album is one big celebration of the end of the world. Unsurprisingly, this pessimistic outlook has been a source of inspiration for a lot of music this year. However, Arcade Fire deliver it with such ingenuity as to not appear late to the party. ‘Everything Now (continued)’ ties the beginning and the end of the record neatly together, but its abrupt conclusion is slightly perplexing. It may well be a statement of hope; the ability to switch off from the constant chatter, but for such a captivating record it comes as quite a shock. 

Noteworthy Details 

Ambitious and well-executed
Great social commentrary
Each track offers something a bit different.




Track List
1. Everything_Now (continued)
2. Everything Now
3. Signs of Life
4. Creature Comfort
5. Peter Pan
6. Chemistry
7. Infinite Content
8. Infinite_Content
9. Electric Blue
10. Good God Damn
11. Put Your Money On Me
12. We Don’t Deserve Love
13. Everything Now (continued)