Auction for the Promise Club – Silence

Auction for the Promise Club are an indie-rock three-piece from Cornwall. ‘See Through’ caught our attention due to its uncompromising energy. This was a band who meant business. Recorded with Paul Reeve (Muse, Supergrass, Beta Band) at the remote Airfield Studios in Cornwall, Silence is compromised of 12 songs which all offer something slightly different. The trio made up of siblings Zoe and Toby White-Chambers and friend Perran Tremewan, have created a dynamic, indie-rock sound with big riffs and atmospheric melodies.

The title track kicks things off; an anthem which builds with powerful percussion and electrifying guitar. However, this five-minute romp of an intro is interspersed with subdued and reflective moments when vocalist Zoe White Chambers can shout at the silence. Her style proves more effective on ‘See Through’ which benefits from the band’s stark and unpolished sound.

There’s something troubling me as I continue to listen to the second half of the album.

Suddenly the album starts to improve dramatically with ‘This May Hurt’. The relentless riff and bass line which are so prominent in the mix take control. Zoe’s vocal also begins to make more sense in the context of the ensemble.

The mid-album lull of ‘Ghosts’ is thankfully an anomaly. This a brief moment where their sparky energy dissipates. But there’s something else troubling me as I continue to listen to the second half of the album.

It is almost like there are two bands playing on this album. One sounds as if they’ve just been taken off the pub circuit and into the studio with ‘Isn’t it Enough?’ and ‘Moonlight’. The other sounds like they’re a couple of albums in and understand their potential as on ‘Dancer’ and ‘Instincts’. The latter being the best of the bunch.

It’s a good debut from Auction for the Promise Club but it could have been so much better.

Noteworthy Details

Unpolished in places but not raucous
Some great melodies and bass lines
Zoe’s vocal is hit and miss




Track List
1. Silence
2. See Through
3. This May Hurt
4. Dancer
5. Time to Breathe
6. Ghosts
7. City
8. Isn’t It Enough?
9. Moonlight
10. Cut So Close
11. Instincts
12. Mexico