Bella McKendree – Waiting EP

Singer-songwriter Bella McKendree’s debut EP is a sombre affair; four tracks of melancholic serenity delivered with spellbinding songwriting skill. On ‘Grieve’ she pours her heart out in a way that feels like she’s only just keeping her emotions in control. Whereas the delicate nature of ‘Waiting’ and ‘Baby Let’s Fall’ feels more introspective. Regardless of the path she leads her emotions down, the musicality is stunning. As well as her expertise on the piano, her voice carries you to a higher place and the various percussive and atmospheric elements lift the production further still. ‘Don’t You Wanna Be Loved’ stands out as my favourite for the slow sway of the rhythm and the bluesy guitar flourishes which then culminate in a fitting crescendo. 

Waiting is an EP which displays mature and evocative songwriting. We hope to hear more great things from Bella in the months and years to come. 

Words: Will Hunt

Label: Trellis Records