Beth Ditto – Fake Sugar

Mary Beth Patterson, a.k.a. Beth Ditto recently entered into a very prestigious group. An exclusive club of artists who have produced stand-out tracks entitled ‘Fire’. Hard to believe that Kasabian’s earworm is now 10 years old, but more recent additions include Barns Courtney, PVRIS and Matrix & Futurebound. Beth’s contribution opens her debut solo album with a bang complete with a jaw-dropping bluesy guitar riff and gripping verses. It’s the perfect introduction to her diverse artistic style and an album which should stand the test of time.

Beth delivers her music with effortless grace and self-confidence, drifting between pop, electronic and blues. The seductive groove of ‘In And Out’ and ‘Savior Faire’ which accompanies her dynamic vocal are accomplished and utterly delightful. This tantalising temptress draws you into her world and proceeds to entertain you with mesmerising rock ‘n’ roll infused with on-trend elements of pop and electronic music. If the colossal sound of ‘Oo La La’ or the spellbinding strut of ‘Go Baby Go’ doesn’t ignite a live audience’s enthusiasm I don’t know what will.

Beth delivers her music with effortless grace and self-confidence

Beth’s versatility as a vocalist is estimable. On Fake Sugar, she is able to spread her wings and flaunt her talent more freely than she could as the frontwoman of Gossip. She explores her capabilities throughout. ‘Clouds (Song for John)’ shows her sensitive side, whereas on ‘Oo La La’ she displays the uncompromising nature of a confident pop rock queen.

The only song which feels slightly out of place for me is ‘Do You Want Me To’. Her soulful and raspy croon is replaced with a voice of pop from the early noughties. On its own it’s a formidable track, I’m just not sure it fits with the flow of the album. I’ll be honest, I’m being a little pedantic because this is a phenomenal album from start to finish. Beth will make you chant, reflect and dance and she’ll have you coming back for more.

Noteworthy Details

A well-balanced mix of genres
Powerful soulful vocals
A born again veteran of the industry




Track List
1. Fire
2. In And Out
3. Fake Sugar
4. Savior Faire
5. We Could Run
6. Oo La La
7. Go Baby Go
8. Oh My God
9. Love In Real Life
10. Do You Want Me To
11. Lover
12. Clouds (Song for John)