Blaine Stranger – Mesmerise/Get Down

Sam Lloyd, a.k.a. Blaine Stranger is a welcome addition to the artist roster at Viper Recordings. Hailing from Sydney, Austrailia and having discovered the joys of Ableton in 2011, Lloyd has honed his formidable sound and will knock you out with his two latest tracks. Both ‘Mesmerise’ and ‘Get Down’ are two of the best pieces of drum and bass I’ve heard so far this year. The former has an addictive groove driven by an earth-shaking bass line and drum combination which is sure to ignite the dancefloor. Meanwhile, ‘Get Down’ delivers an uncompromising assault of energised synths and adrenaline-filled build-ups. Add in the robotic vocals and it feels as though the apocalypse has well and truly arrived.  

Both of these tracks have an irresistible flow and suggest a bright future for the young producer.

Words: Will Hunt

Label: Viper Recordings




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