Brookes Brothers – Orange Lane

Despite a 15-year career and rising to prominence the latter half of the noughties, my appreciation for Phil and Dan Brookes’ music developed around 2012. They had been on my radar drifting between releases on Breakbeat Kaos and Viper. Then, while I was spending a bit of time in hospital at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013, I found their remix of Nero’s ‘Must Be The Feeling’. It absolutely blew my mind and was amongst a selection of songs which helped me on the path to recovery. Fast forward to 2017 and their second LP Orange Lane marks a distinct development from their 6-year-old debut. 

Since signing exclusively to Viper in 2013, the Brookes Brothers have made the transition from drum ‘n’ bass whiz kids to fully-fledged electronic songwriters. There’s more thought put into the atmosphere and build-up of the tracks on Orange Lane. The intros of ‘Carry Me On’ and ‘Now I’m Found’ show a nice attention to musicality and finer details of pacing. This is necessary as the competition continues to experiment with a focus on the live arena. 

Phil and Dan Brookes have created a strong second album.

With a 13-track smorgasbord of delectable drum ‘n’ bass delights, fans will most certainly be happy. However, I’m personally struggling to find a memorable moment; the album’s stand out earworm if you will. The collaboration with Danny Byrd on ‘Climb High’ is a possible contender and the other guest appearances from Charlotte Haining and Pierre Da Silver add some nice vocal flare. But even these don’t quite reach the heights I was expecting.

Only the spirited single ‘Movin’ On’ and the deep bass swells of ‘The Way’ hit the jackpot. Both tracks have a remarkable groove and, in my opinion, display Brookes Brothers at their best. Overall, Phil and Dan Brookes have created a strong second album rich with material that is more accomplished than the songs which comprised their debut.

Noteworthy Details

An impressive second LP
Their songwriting ability has come a long way in 6 years
‘The Way’ is the album’s instrumental gem.



Track List
1. The One (feat. ShockOne)
2. Times of Trouble (feat. Pierre Da Silva)
3. Flashing Lights (feat. Shezar, Bossman Birdie)
4. Carry Me On (feat. Chrom3)
5. Movin’ On
6. So Many Times
7. Good to Me (feat. Majesty)
8. Now I’m Found
9. All About You (feat. Reds)
10. Waiting Right Here (feat. Charlotte Haining)
11. The Way
12. Climb High (feat. Danny Byrd)
13. We Got Love (feat. Pierre Da Silva)