Carlo de Filippo – Di Indomito Incanto 

Italian pianist Carlo de Filippo brings us his debut solo album ‘Di Indomito Icanto’ or ‘The Indomitable Charm’. Taking inspiration from contemporaries Roberto Cacciapaglia and Ludovico Einaudi, de Filippo’s beautiful melodic playing is combined with modern production accompaniment to help bring “classical’ into the modern era.

Let’s begin with what’s good. The synths, strings and bass provide a vivid sense of atmosphere, lifting the main piano melody to greater heights as on ‘Estatico Imbrunir’ or ‘Attimi, Imminenti’ and ‘Attimi, Fuggevoli’. I would normally say that with music like this, the instruments speak enough words themselves without the need for vocals, but the guest appearance from Simona Giusti on ‘Daffodils’, using words of William Wordsworth, is very refreshing. However, it becomes apparent that this album suffers from a struggle. What it lacks in production it makes up for in composition, but the slightly more sophisticated piano score deserves a better mix of the other elements.


It becomes apparent that this album suffers from a struggle. What it lacks in production it makes up for in composition

It’s the percussion that lets the ensemble down. Given the more polished sound of the piano and the strings, the percussive elements such as the kick drum, snare and cymbals stand out as harsh and sound unrefined, almost like stock library MIDI instruments. This isn’t always the case; on ‘Estatico Imbrunir’ and ‘Velo d’Oblio’ it works, but Filippo chooses to use the same drum roll as a build up on too many of the tracks to the point of tedium.

What is also very strange is the abrupt end to nearly every track. There isn’t a structured coda in sight – no fades, no hangs and no gradual reduction of instruments. It just stops. Because of this, it makes the whole track feel unfinished.

Filippo has an undeniable talent on the piano, it can be very evocative and moving, but unfortunately choosing to produce the album without additional musicians means that the final product suffers.

Notworthy Details

Beautiful melodic piano
Cacophonous percussion
Lack of structured codas



Listen toDel Perduto Eco’ below:

1. Del Perduto Eco
2. Estatico Imbrunir
3. Di Indomito Incanto
4. D’Impetuosa Mescolanza
5. Interludio d’Arcano Moto
6. Di Quei Meriggi
7. Talune Nostalgie
8. Attimi, Imminenti
9. Attimi, Fuggevoli
10. Struggente In Re Minore
11. Velo d’Oblio
12. Daffodils
13. Rugiada


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