DJ Shadow – Endtroducing (Endtroducing Re-Emagined)

DJ Shadow’s 1996 debut album Endtroducing is still his undisputed magnum opus. Taking samples from here, there and everywhere, he created a record of breathtaking scope and creativity. Arguably one of the most original and meticulously-crafted electronic/instrumental hip-hop records of all time, I’ve long considered it to be untouchable. However, that hasn’t stopped 13 brave (or naive) souls from reimagining Shadow’s originals. With bated breath I hit play.

The remixes mostly follow the original album order. Teeko remixes the album intro ‘Best Foot Forward’ reasonably well, complete with a synthesized electric guitar solo. Salva’s interpetation of ‘…Grain of Salt’ begins promisingly with a delicate filtered build up of the recognisable piano loop of the original. Unfortunately, his decision to use a harsh and repetitive snare to drive his production lets the track down.

In a nutshell, this is a feeble attempt at 20th anniversary marketing.

Lee Bannon restores some faith on ‘The Number Song’, keeping the Orion bass line intact and turning the track into a scintillating breakbeat affair. Elsewhere, I can’t help but exclaim loudly upon hearing what has been done to some of these tracks. Daedelus has turned ‘Mutual Slump’ into an insufferable mess and Hudson Mohawke does little to make any significant changes to ‘Midnight in a Perfect World’ that warrant a place on here.

Prince Paul’s remix of ‘What Does Your Soul Look Like Part 1’ stands out amongst the filler. I’d still say Peshay’s version on the “Excessive Ephemera” collection is superior but, as far as most of these remixes go, Prince Paul has done a good job. Surprisingly, I like UV’s trap interpretation of ‘Organ Donor’; the one track I especially didn’t want to be messed with.

In a nutshell, this is a feeble attempt at 20th anniversary marketing. Why didn’t those responsible just buy a cake and share the milestone on social media?


By Will Hunt

Noteworthy Details

A couple of good remixes bundled with filler
Unnecessary anniversary project
Pales in comparison to the ‘Excessive Ephemera’ collection



1. Best Foot Forward (Teeko Remix)
2. Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (Salva Remix)
3. The Number Song (Lee Bannon Remix)
4. Transmissions (Kuedo Remix)
5. Changeling II (Adrian Younge Remix)
6. What Does Your Soul Look Like – Pt. 4 (Teklife Remix)
7. Stem/LongStem (Clams Casino Remix)
8. Mutual Slump (Daedelus Remix)
9. Organ Donor (UZ Remix)
10. Midnight In A Perfect World (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
11. What Does Your Soul Look Like – Pt. 1 (Prince Paul Remix)
12. Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (Bondaz & Karma Kid Remix)