emaé – Better

Independent Scottish singer-songwriter emaé (pronounced em-may) is a feel-good mix of soul-pop, with gospel undertones. Her new single is a departure from the acoustic guitar tones which accompanied her beautiful vocal last year. Instead, she pours emotion onto a backing of deep piano melody. The result is a soulful song about perseverance on which she shows off her impressive vocal range. She explains “Better is the song for right now, it 100% reflects where I’ve been the last year and also where I’m going. It’s a song of resilience, confidence and certainty. It’s a song I’m extremely proud of.”

I hope that emaé’s upcoming album features all the sides to her music. The acoustic, the folk and the soul which come together to represent an artist full of heart.

Words: Will Hunt

Connect with the artist: http://emaemusic.com/