Felix Hagan & The Family – Delirium Tremendous

The stomping electro-rock fervour of Felix Hagan & The Family on their new single ‘Delirium Tremendous’ is seriously addictive. This is ironic considering the lyrical narrative about the struggle of substance withdrawal. The hypnotising circus nature of the chorus is evocative of someone in such an uncontrollable head spinning state. Then the punch of the verses delivers the uncompromising hit of symptoms “Sweat, ache, Hands shake/Heart begins to palpitate/Legs twitch. Twist and kick/Something’s wrong”.

The multi-layered seven-piece can take you down avenues of pop, electro, swing, country and classic rock. ‘Delirium Tremendous’ might be their most accomplished song since 2015’s ‘Get Well City’. One thing’s for sure; it’s incredibly catchy.

Words: Will Hunt

Connect with the artist: https://www.felixhagan.com/home