Gold Complex – Gold Complex EP (Deluxe Edition)

Hailing from Toronto, Gold Complex bring their debut EP to our shores packed full of soul, funk, jazz and blues goodness. The band’s fusion of genres forms a sound entirely of their own. ‘Backbone’ is a nice introduction to their sound which lead singer Will Bowes describes as ‘a sexy, funky tune about conviction – saying what you mean and meaning what you say’. That’s sure to hit a relatable mark amongst listeners.

From here there’s a nice mix of groovy dance tracks and soulful slow jams which strike a satisfying balance. To round off the EP’s Deluxe release is a house remix of ‘Tread On Me’ courtesy of Andrew Dawson. My initial worry that it wouldn’t fit the vibe of the EP was soon quashed as it turned out to be refreshing while establishing a rhythm and groove which doesn’t feel out of place. However, one may argue that the original featuring Nic Armour was a better close to the EP.

Words: Will Hunt

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Their debut full-length album “New Soul” is set for release in April 2017