Goldie – The Journey Man

Goldie claims he’s back to ‘shakes things up’. His solo return is a welcome one for this particular drum and bass fan. Often keen to speak up about the current state of electronic music, such as voicing his opinion surrounding the closing of Fabric nightclub, he always retains his integrity. He’s finally emerged from years of focusing on other creative projects as well as dancing the foxtrot on Strictly. 

The Journey Man isn’t narrowly focused on edgy drum breaks and jungle-oriented room shakers. Sure, the twitchy ‘Prism’ and the smooth progression of ‘The Mirrored River’ offer straight-to-the-point drum and bass, but elsewhere Goldie changes course. ‘Truth’ featuring José James is a piano-led ballad and ‘Tu Viens Avec Moi?’ takes you to a Mediterranean poolside lounge. The vibe then changes to R&B on ‘This Is Not A Love Song’. 

Goldie has been overambitious with his first solo record in almost 20 years.

I welcome variety, but there’s always a danger that the listener will be left bemused. Goldie is an accomplished producer and musician who can alter his style with enviable expertise. However, if you’re under the impression that you’re surrounded by the percussive clatter of busy city street only to suddenly be sipping a cocktail on the French Riviera one will wonder what the musical narrative is supposed to be.

Ultimately then, Goldie has been overambitious with his first solo record in almost 20 years. Individually each track offers its own identity and demonstrates adept musicianship. Together as a whole, The Journey Man can’t decide which route to take and therein lies its downfall. 

The instrumental drum and bass numbers such as ‘Triangle’ and ‘Prism’ will satisfy purist desires. The various curveballs like summertime shuffler ‘Castaway’ and the slow and soulful ‘The Ballad Celeste’ add contrast. However, this 16-track journey chops and changes which make it hard to digest in one sitting.

Noteworthy Details

Goldie shows off his production prowess
Some nice vocal collaborations
Sounds like two different albums in one




Track List
1. Horizons (feat. Swindle)
2. Prism
3. Mountains
4. Castaway
5. The Mirrored River
6. I Adore You (feat. Ulterior Motive and Natalie Williams)
7. I Think of You
8. Truth (feat. José James)
9. Redemption
10. Tu Viens Avec Moi?
11. The Ballad Celeste
12. This Is Not A Love Song
13. The River Mirrored
14. Triangle
15. Tomorrow’s Not Today
16. Run, Run, Run