Harry Pane – The Wild Winds

Singer-songwriter Harry Pane gave us a taste of his new EP with the release of ‘Fletcher Bay’. It’s an incredibly emotive track about an idyllic place in a New Zealand peninsula which he discovered with his late father. His dexterous ability on the guitar and use of hammer-ons and pull-offs are astounding, although, this skill is not confined to his acoustic folk sound. The alt-rock stomp of ‘Old Friend’ and blues finger work on ‘Real Souls’ make for breathtaking listening. ‘Into the Dark’ displays riff work and chorus hooks worthy of the rock mainstream, while the title track ties up the EP nicely as he returns to the acoustic guitar for a final serenade.

With a strong sense of musical direction and a distinct and soulful vocal, Harry Pane is a songwriter who everyone needs to hear.

Words: Will Hunt

Connect with the artist: http://harrypane.com




The story of behind ‘Fletcher Bay’ – https://www.lovefletcherbay.com