ILUKA – Blue My Soul

ILUKA is a world-travelling singer/songwriter with a spellbinding sound which fuses retro, pop and soul. For inspiration to create her new EP Blue My Soul, she “has looked to distant lands to capture the essence of movement, light and youthful yearning.” With a catchy cadence and clap-your-hands rhythm, ‘Blue Jean Baby’ will have you hooked on her unique style. “I crave intensity and I crave wonder” says ILUKA and you get that sense with the serene ‘Visions of Cody’ and slow jam of the title track on which she shows off the remarkable capacity of her lungs.

I would have preferred ‘Fools’ to conclude the absorbing experience. ‘In The Heat’ doesn’t have the same impact and is therefore the weakest of the bunch. Fortunately, as the other four songs are so well-written, performed and produced, I can let it go.

Words: Will Hunt

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