Jacob Collier – In My Room

I love it when an artist comes along and supplies us with music that is not wholly one genre or the other. The simplest way to describe Jacob Collier’s debut album ‘In My Room’ is probably as a jazz album but the ‘about’ section of his website describes the true nature of his sound. “His music combines elements of Jazz, A cappella, Groove, Folk, Trip-hop, Classical music, Brazilian music, Gospel, Soul and Improvisation (to name a few).”

The sense of fun with this album is clear to hear. This isn’t just because Collier decides to give us his rendition of the “Flintstones’ theme, but because of the various elements coming together from the comfort of his own room. Will 2 Listen’s Track of the Week ‘Saviour’ is an obvious favourite with its tantalising groove and impressive virtuosity from Collier as a musician. He demonstrates his skills throughout the album but this is a great introduction to his unique multi-instrumental world.

Collier’s compositions could arguably be broken into movements, albeit very small ones; “micro-movements” if you like.

You never quite know what to expect. ‘Hajanga’ displays latin percussive elements as well as a touch of loungecore. ‘You and I’ is smooth, slow and emotive and Collier’s use of vocal layering is very effective and occasionally reminds one of the classic crooner sound. His piano work on ‘Down the Line’ is nothing short of genius, as is his approach to the arrangement. Collier’s compositions could arguably be broken into movements, albeit very small ones; “micro-movements” if you like.

The title track, Jacob’s take on the Beach Boys’ original, is a refreshing version in many ways but I wouldn’t say it displays Collier at his best. In addition to that point, I do have a concern that his production techniques, particular with regard to the vocals, are concealing a lack of career experience. But there’s no denying his incredible talent at just 21 years old.


By Will Hunt

Noteworthy Details

An enjoyable and fun debut album from Collier
An impressive display of multi-instrumentalism
Layered vocal effective but possibly deceptive



Listen to ‘Hajanga’ by Jacob Collier below:

Watch the music video for ‘Hideaway’ below:

1. Woke up Today
2. In My Room
3. Hideaway
4. You and I
5. Down the Line
6. Now and Then I Think About You
7. Saviour
8. Hajanga
9. Flintstones
10. In the Real Early Morning
11. Don’t You Know