Jake Isaac – Our Lives

As his new singles started to see the light of day, anticipation began to grow for Jake Isaac’s debut album. After a string of successful EPs which document the development of a very talented singer-songwriter, his first full-length release should be a proud moment indeed. Our Lives captures the calculating head and the passion-filled heart of the London-based musician. He’s a man on a mission, but he hasn’t exactly dominated the music headlines. It’s hard to see why. He might not be surrounded by juicy stories or scoops but based on his music alone he deserves to have his praises sung.

I love Jake’s ability to flip the switch from intimate to invigorating. The life-affirming ‘Long Road’ is a breath of fresh air but as we join him on his uplifting march, he quickly slows us down on ‘Better This Way’. An emotional piece of soft piano and delicate vocals expressing heartbreak, it represents Jake’s introspective side. With that, we have the pattern for the record.

An orchestral ensemble would carry his emotion further.

The balance of the acoustic and electronic elements is well-refined. Flirting with electro on ‘I Got You’ Jake attempts to create an on-trend pop hit. Meanwhile, ‘Waiting Here’ needs no fancy production trickery to lift its beautiful guitar melody. Jake’s vocal suits both styles, such is the versatility of his voice; deep, soulful and dynamic, it lifts the production.

However, what I’m longing for throughout is a string section. An orchestral ensemble which would carry his emotion further. There’s nothing glaringly wrong with the collection of songs he’s produced on this impressive debut, but it’s lacking something. A couple of songs with an orchestral or choral backing might have done the trick. Listen to ‘Million Miles Away’ and imagine a cello and violin accompaniment and the missed opportunity becomes clear. 


By Will Hunt

Noteworthy Details

Packed with emotion and powerful songwriting
Lacking an orchestral backing which would suit him well
A singer-songwriter with a lot of heart 




Track List
1. Will You Be
2. Long Road
3. Better This Way
4. I Got You
5. Million Miles Away
6. Waiting Here
7. Lose My Mind
8. This War
9. One And Only
10. Lonely Are The Brave
11. You And I Always