The Japanese House – Saw You In A Dream

I’ve loved Amber Bain’s latest material leading up to the release of her 4th EP. The ethereal beauty of her music provides a relaxing sonic space in which you can sit back and let the sounds wash over you. ‘Saw You In A Dream’, “Somebody you found’ and ‘3/3’ all offer the beautiful formula of dream pop which The Japanese House has concocted again and again. The difference here is that her vocal appears to be less androgynous as it has been previously. With every release, Bain reveals more and more of her true self as well as displaying an impressive development of skill and execution.

In case you were concerned about a short-lived experience of previously released singles, Amber has addressed your concerns. ‘Count to Nine’ gives you 9 minutes of indie pop bliss to indulge in, even if it drifts a little wayward in the middle.

Words: Will Hunt

Label: Dirty Hit Records




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