Jordz Ace – Kitoko

Hailing from Camden, Jordz Ace is an up-and-coming rap artist with an unbreakable passion for what he’s creating. His new single ‘Kitoko’ combines subtle dreamy synth work with precise percussion, and his soulful voice layered on top. It’s a smooth and beautifully chilled single. ‘Kitoko’, which means ‘Beautiful’ in the Congolese tongue of Lingala (a nod to Jordz’s heritage), is heartfelt with the emotion enhanced by the silky synths and soft vocal. Furthermore, what a blessing it is not to have a poignant hip-hop song spoilt by being over-produced. It’s well-balanced with considered arrangement and a gives Jordz a decent footing from which to progress his career and promote his upcoming album Ace of J’z.


Will Hunt


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Connect with the artist

Facebook: /Jordzace
Twitter: @jordZace