Joy Oladokun – Carry

Joy is her name and joy is her game. For years she shared her music exclusively with her family until very recently. ‘Carry’ is a true representation of the power of people and how music is a universal language that brings us all together. Through Kickstarter, Oladokun managed to raise enough money to fund her first full-length album all thanks to friends and fans from across the world.

Her voice is absolutely beautiful. There’s no question about it – it floored me when I first heard it. It’s also wonderfully adaptable to the various tempos and styles on this album. ‘Fight For It’ kicks off proceedings with a soulful groove that will have you clapping your hands from the start. She has the ability to cut through the instrumentation and carry you along with the music while at the same time manages to bring you closer into her world on slower numbers ‘Young’ and ‘Poison’. The mixture of big party atmosphere and moments of intimacy show her past and potential future.

Whether partnered with a piano on ‘Cold as Fire’, a violin on ‘Poison’, or an acoustic guitar on ‘Charleston’ she manages tug on the heart strings with precision that leaves you wanting more.

Her first solo concert in front of 60+ people, including close friends and family, crammed into her living room must have been an equally intimate and powerful affair. This sums up her music. I try to imagine being in that room while listening to title track ‘Carry’ and picture a magical moment of people coming together to enjoy this beautiful voice.

Whether partnered with a piano on ‘Cold as Fire’, a violin on ‘Poison’, or an acoustic guitar on ‘Charleston’ she manages tug on the heart strings with precision that leaves you wanting more.

Joy said of ‘Carry’ “I think this past year has taught me that my voice is one of the few gifts I have and I can use it to spread a lot of love and lift people up. That’s the heart behind the album.”


By Will Hunt

Noteworthy Details

Powerful and moving vocal
A mixture of intimate and upbeat songs
Wonderful instrumentation



Listen to single ‘Shelter’ by Joy Oladokun below:

1. Fight For It
2. Shelter
3. Young
4. Poison
5. Carry
6. Charleston
7. Bread + Wine
8. Cold as Fire
9. Say You Will
10. Animals & Angels