Kara Ann Marie – Keeping On

Drifting in on a breeze of optimism, singer-songwriter Kara Ann Marie has released her debut Keeping On EP. Kara grew up on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada before moving to England where she now lives with her husband Joshua Luke Smith, who also produced the EP. Together they formed indie record label Orphan No More and their music gives pause for thought. Keeping On contains elements of folk, soul and spoken word which come together to convey Kara’s powerful messages in a delightful way. 

“These songs are what I needed to hear, personally, to walk through each season over the last few years. They profess both my belief and lack of it during times of loss, fulfilment and everywhere in between. I hope you find yourself in the music, in the moment when all seems lost or against you, when the waves seem high and the winds are heavy, find the sweet song of hope, courage and of keeping on.” – Kara

Words: Will Hunt

Label: Orphan No More




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