Kat Saul – Body Language

Kat Saul is a 19-year-old songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. She was marked as “One-To-Watch” by the Nashville Songwriter’s Association International (NSAI) and was twice recognised by the Grammy Foundation for her work in voice and audio engineering production. You can see why if her latest single ‘Body Language’ is anything to go by. The song is a self-critical analysis of her experience hooking up with a guy she’d rather have not got involved with. Following her regrettable experience she started writing lyrics for the song the next day and with the help of her friend Jordan Xidas, the track began to take shape.

‘Body Language’ displays catchy vocal hooks that swing and sway with well-crafted production. The combination of deep piano and swelling synths serve her vocal style well. Those who have had a similar experience to Kat may find solace in this particular single. 

Words: Will Hunt




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