Kodaline – Brother

Irish indie pop band Kodaline have packed their new single; Brother, full of emotion. The lyrics centre on brotherly love and, as the heart-wrenching music video portrays, the loss of a loved one. Kodaline’s signature other-worldly sound harmonises well with the melancholy of the subject matter. The filtered and distorted vocals of the chorus could have easily stood out as a gimmick but they fit seamlessly with the overall tone. The stripped back version proves to be a lot more intimate for those who find understatement suits this type of narrative. The original version is just as evocative and moving; it differs by offering subtle¬†electronic flourishes but both prove to be just as rousing as each other.¬†

Kodaline know how to tug on the heart-strings while delivering a sublime single.

Words: Will Hunt

Label: D-Unique Records