Lánre – Human

Born in Stoke-On-Trent to Nigerian parents, Lanré spent most of her upbringing in her country of heritage and nurtured her talents in music as a hobby while prioritising her academic studies. In 2002, she reconnected with her love of music when she joined the award-winning UK gospel group GK REAL. Now focused on a solo career, does her latest release show a promising progression from 2015’s ‘Home’?

The strings that were so prominent on ‘Home’ do not feature as much here. Only on ‘Fire’ do we get a little taste of folk flavour from the violin of Jamie Philokyprou. I find this a shame, such is my love of a good string section, but I won’t lambaste Lánre for it.

‘Human’ is appropriately heartfelt and this especially emanates from first single ‘My Soul’, inspired by the events that took place in Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria where 229 girls were kidnapped from their school. It’s a powerful single and Lánre’s strength and dynamic range of her voice accompanied by Feranmi Ogunseyinde & Karl Nova alongside a finger-plucked acoustic rhythm carries it to the heights it deserves.

‘Human’ is appropriately heartfelt and this especially emanates from first single ‘My Soul’

Elsewhere there are moments of positivity and thought-provoking statements such as ‘We are all broken so that light can come in” on title-track ‘Human’. Slow and somewhat repetitive, it’s not as much of a highlight as both ‘Fire’ and ‘My Soul’. Meanwhile ‘Dreams’ is similar in structure to the latter and therefore slightly suffers from not having the same impact lyrically.

I think that both Ben Trickey and Feranmi Ogunseyinde deserve a special mention for their work on guitars and percussion respectively too; there’s some fantastic rhythm and melody from them throughout.

This is an encouraging release from Lánre but looking ahead to a full-length release I’d love to see more strings and more varied arrangement.


By Will Hunt

Noteworth details

Beautiful vocals
Emotive single
Needs more strings



Watch a behind the scenes video of the making of ‘Human’ below:

Watch Lánre perform ‘Human’ from the comfort of her home:

1. Human
2. Fire
3. Dreams
4. My Soul