Laura Marling – Nothing, Not Nearly

Laura Marling’s music can be like a Sunday lie-in or a bubble bath; a warm embrace from which you don’t want to leave. ‘Nothing, Not Nearly’ is the 4th single from her new album Semper Femina, which lands next Friday. It displays similar acoustic tendencies which one might hear sitting around a campfire, but it also offers a striking electric guitar power chord to add impact.

Marling’s vocal remains soft and soulful which works well until it battles the distorted guitar drone for space in the mix. There’s nothing glaringly wrong with this. However, when the song is reaching it’s crescendo it begs for some sort of Etta James or Adele-style snarl which can match the mechanical grit of the guitar. Sadly, it doesn’t materialise and Marling sticks to her guns which on this occasion fail to fire.

Words: Will Hunt

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