Laura Marling – Wild Fire

Laura Marling’s new album Semper Femina is released in March and we’ve now been given another glimpse of her 6th record. ‘Wild Fire’ is a chilled and soulful acoustic-driven song reminiscent of Norah Jones’ recent output. The key difference lies in the vocal – Marling’s is smooth rather husky, but it serves her music well indeed. I prefer ‘Wild Fire’ to the haunting tones of her previous single; ‘Soothing’. Saying that, the relaxed vibe and folky undertones fill me with hope that Laura is still at the top of her game. More than that; she’s matured as a songwriter. If she continues in the vain of ‘Wild Fire’ I dare say fans will welcome the new album with open arms.

Laura is touring the UK in March before heading to the US in April.

Words: Will Hunt

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