Ludovico Einaudi – ‘Elements’

Composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi OMRI delivers his latest offering of emotive and thought-provoking music with “Elements”.

Einaudi’s ability to tell a story through his music is incredible. This new album, inspired by the elements of nature, certainly delivers the Einaudi formula that we’ve all come to recognise and love and it hits listeners immediately with the openers ‘Petricor’ and ‘Night’. Two beautifully composed pieces, the former featuring British award-winning violinist Daniel Hope, and the latter featuring the first of five appearances by the Amsterdam Sinfonietta. Both are classic Einaudi but ‘Night’ also shows off a blend of classical infused with an electronic edge.

“This [album] demonstrates that Einaudi has no fear in exploring different musical horizons.”

The tone then dips and dives like a bird through the solemn ‘Drop’ and the strangely serene “Four Dimensions” before coming to an abrupt change with the title track. “Elements” takes us on a route march with a beat set out by the bass and electric guitar from the beginning and then in typical Einaudi fashion the Amsterdam Sinfonietta takes the composition to new heights. This piece just demonstrates that Einaudi has no fear in exploring different musical horizons.

From this engaging opening the album then takes listeners through more visual soundscapes and varying tones that deliver an impressive range of compositions. ‘Whirling Winds’ speaks for itself while ‘Twice’ embodies the classic Einaudi progressive sound but for those stirring minor notes. ‘Numbers’ presents a piece of two halves – part soporific lullaby and part nostalgic reflection. We head down the atmospheric harsh landscape of the ‘Mountain’  before plunging into the drama of ‘Logos’. But out of the urgency and danger of this penultimate piece comes solace in “Song For Gavin”; a beautiful and emotive farewell. I’m not sure who the subject is, but you get the feeling he was and is well and truly loved and remembered…much like this album should be.


By Will Hunt

Noteworthy Details

Beautiful imagery
Daniel Hope cameo
For fans of Einaudi’s previous material



Interesting Fact: In anticipation of the album’s release, Einaudi made the piano scores for ‘Elements’ and ‘Night’ available at along with free original backing tracks.

Watch the animated video for ‘Night’ below:

1. Petricor (Daniel Hope)
2. Night
3. Drop
4. Four Dimensions
5. Elements
6. Whirling Winds
7. Twice
8. ABC
9. Numbers
10. Mountain
11. Logos
12. Song For Gavin


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