Mikill Pane – Let MC It EP

‘This is the release of the year kids’ Mikill Pane, aka Justin Uzomba, sings to open the ‘Let MC It’ EP on the simply named ‘Track One’ – a lyrically self-indulgent intro set to a sample-triggered backdrop. A nice set up for what follows with a catchy rhythm and keys but a little watered down with cliché lines. Stereotypical profanity and repeated “yos’”can prove to be tiresome at times.

This isn’t always the case with Uzomba; sometimes the creative originality shines through, such as on ‘GNGSTRS’ with evocative lines like “turn a smile into a scar” or on ‘Hold My Crown’ with humorous comparatives “I get deeper than a scuba diver. Better ratings on the street than an Über driver”. The latter, featuring Jordan Stephens and comedian/rapper Doc Brown, sees the three Brits share a verse each from their own pedestal set up by Pane’s hook “Hold my crown, bruv, I’m going in” in a successful collaboration.

The creative originality shines through, such as on ‘GNGSTRS with evocative lines like “turn a smile into a scar”

‘They Talk’ discusses the road to success while Pane also expresses feelings about individual artistry and collaboration; “I rep the hood youth and the posh kids too. If you write good music, then I’ll rock with you.” This and further sentiments are slightly spoiled by the simplistic chorus.

Trim and Scrufizzer’s appearances on ‘Made’ provide nice contrast vocally, though Tony D’s guest slot on ‘Noise ’N’ Poison’ feels slightly less effective. Giggs’ opening verse on final track ‘Start Again’ sets up Mikill’s critical verses nicely. This end to the EP also ties in well with earlier statements about Pane willing to work with talent from all backgrounds, by reminding wannabe artists not ask for any favours.

Good production from The Last Skeptik if a little stale at times, but ‘Let MC It’ is a good new release from Mikill Pane.

By Will Hunt

Noteworthy Details

Nice creative use of simile
Well-structured collaborations
Too much egotistical cliché



Watch the music video for ‘GNGSTRS’ below:

1. Track One
2. They Talk
3. Made (feat. Trim and Scrufizzer)
4. Noise ‘N’ Poison (feat. Tony D.)
5. Hold My Crown (feat. Jordan Stephens and Doc Brown)
7. Start Again (feat. Giggs)