Rationale – Vessels

Zimbabwe-born British singer-songwriter¬†Tinashe Fazakerley, a.k.a. Rationale, has become a hot topic of discussion. His new EP ‘Vessels’ follows on seamlessly from his ear-catching debut. We were drip fed the title track and ‘Prodigal Son’ in 2016 before being treated to ‘Reciprocate’ in January. They are joined by ‘Tethered’ on an EP with intelligent songwriting of consistent quality. Rationale’s baritone vocal fits like a glove with the modern production. It’s all radio-friendly electro pop but with enough maturity to sustain my interest. The slow and soulful ‘Tethered’ is the odd-one-out. Less disco groove and more desolate waltz, this EP closer¬†shows Rationale can change up the mood and use his spellbinding vocal to full effect.

A strong second extended play which should attract yet more deserved attention to his music.

Words: Will Hunt

Label: Best Laid Plans