Ravyn Lenae – Moon Shoes

When does an EP become an album? I consider an EP to be a 4-5 track collection of songs that does not exceed 30 minutes. So as far as I’m considered Ravyn Lenae’s Moon Shoes is not an EP but an album. Whatever you call it, it’s a decent collection of material from the Chicago-based teenager. Moon Shoes blends a couple of different genre elements. Experimental and glitchy electronics set a base for Lenae’s satisfactory R&B vocal. The collaboration with the mysterious Appleby stands out with a distinctive groove that sets it apart from the rest of the album which is all pretty standard experimental pop/hip-hop. I also can’t help but hear an echo of Rihanna in ‘Greetings’ in what sounds to me like a feeble attempt by Lenae to recreate the hook of RiRi’s ‘Umbrella’.

A reasonable debut, but nothing to shout about.

Words: Will Hunt

Released by: 323 Music Group




1. Venezuela Trains
2. Moon Shoes
3. Blossom Dearie
4. Recess
5. Free Room (feat. Appleby)
6. Sleep Talking
7. Greetings
8. Everything Above
9. Right Of Spring
10. Something In The Air