The Awards Explained

It’s been another incredible year for music. Now comes the time where we decide what songs have really stood out for us from across all genres. Last year, having only begun in October, we only covered 3 genres (Alternative, Electronic and Rock). We still consider these to have been our main focus throughout 2016 and as such our ‘Album’ awards will include these genres again along with only one new addition; the award for the best Pop Album. We looked into covering more, but in the end decided that we still need another year to make a comprehensive decision based on the intricacies of each and every genre.

As for the awards for individual songs, we’ve expanded our genre selection. In an attempt to celebrate the multitude of music we’ve listened to this year we have made shortlists for Alternative, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Blues, Jazz and Classical. A lot of this material is music that we’ve loved listening to (of course), but not necessarily reviewed. Sometimes we like to give a nod to artists and songs without necessarily writing a full review about them – in other words, we let the music do the talking.

Whoever wins the award for their particular genre then becomes a nominee for Song of the Year. The winner of this is judged the same way as the other categories – on the quality of songwriting, arrangement and production.

Album of the Year is a little different. The nominees for this category displayed a unique and intangible quality that makes them hard to pigeonhole into one genre. As such, they stood out for their individuality and so that’s what this category celebrates.

2016 has seen Will 2 Listen grow thanks to the support of its readers and all of the artists and other industry professionals that have supported the project in their own unique way. We are so grateful for those who have approached us for coverage and hope that 2017 sees us grow even further.