Track of the Week 2017


13/11/17: ‘Open Up’ by Manchester alt-rock band The Elephant Trees [Independent]
06/11/17: ‘Too Soon (Reverie’) 
by Belfast indie folk band runabay [Independent]


30/10/17: ‘City Dream’ by Icelandic singer-songwriter Axel Flóvent [Epic Amsterdam]
23/10/17: ‘Magenta’ 
by half Syrian, half African-American pop artist Shenna [Independent]
16/10/17: ‘Cyborg’ 
by drum ‘n’ bass producers Cyantific and BMotion [Viper Recordings]
09/10/17: ‘Exposure’ 
by Manchester rap-rockers Y.O.U.N.G. [Beautiful Noise Records]
02/10/17: ‘Please’ 
by up-and-coming LA rock band Vie Jester [Independent]


25/09/17: ‘Good For You’ by The Keymakers [Independent]
18/09/17: ‘Some Believer Sweet Dreamer’
by Howie Payne [Full Stack Records]
11/09/17: ‘Northern No Soul Town’
 by Nia Wyn [Independent]
04/09/17: ‘You Said You Needed Time’ 
by Matt Cross [Independent]


28/08/17: ‘Divin’ In’ by Hull-based rap artist Cameo Brooks [Warren Records]
21/08/17: ‘Shine’
by rock duo REWS [Marshall Records]
14/08/17: ‘Passing Through’ 
by singer-songwriter Tommy Ashby [Wow & Flutter]
07/08/17: ‘Can’t Get Enough’ 
by RnB/Pop artist FØNX [Independent]


31/07/17: ‘Ghost Train’ by rock duo Tooth and Nail [Independent]
24/07/17: ‘All This Life’
by alternative rock band Starsailor [Cooking Vinyl]
17/07/17: ‘Dead Dreamers’
by British grunge rock trio Demob Happy [Taste and Tone]
10/07/17: ‘She Tastes Like Summer’ 
by British indie rock quartet Spilt Milk Society [Blue Blood Records]
03/07/17: ‘You’ by singer-songwriter Sharlene-Monique [Independent]


26/06/17: ‘Brother’ by Irish alternative pop-rock band Kodaline [B-Unique Records]
19/06/17: ‘If You Remember’ 
by Bristol-based pop-rock group The Ramona Flowers [Distiller Records]
12/06/17: ‘Mary’ 
by English folk-rock/Americana duo Delta Howl [Independent]
05/06/17: ‘Delirium Tremendous’
by London-based pop-rock group Felix Hagan & The Family [Independent]


29/05/17: ‘These Daysby Durham-based rock band The Retrobutes [Independent]
22/05/17: ‘1998’ 
by Canadian indie rock band The Dears [Dangerbird Records]
15/05/17: ‘Taste It’ 
by Leeds-based indie rock band The Indigo Project [Independent]
08/05/17: ‘Man Up’ (feat. Rebecca Nohr) 
by British alt-pop band Everywhere [Independent]
01/05/17: ‘Thinking Of You
 by rising Swedish pop star Elias [Warner Music Sweden]


24/04/17: ‘Forest On The Sun’ by Austrailian electronic music producer Thrupence [Future Classic]
17/04/17: ‘Lights Out’ 
by English rock band Royal Blood [Warner Music]
10/04/17: ‘Jungle Waters’ 
by Scottish electronic music producer Sam Gellaitry [XL Recordings]
03/04/17: ‘Cool Kids’ 
by Zimbabwe-born, London-raised pop artist KWAYE [Mind Of A Genius]


27/03/17: ‘The Meadow’ by Candian singer/songwriter Cat Clyde [Independent]
20/03/17: ‘Stardust’
by Icelandic singer/songwriter Ásgeir [One Little Indian Records]
13/03/17: ‘Saviour’
by English post-hardcore band Mallory Knox [Sony Music]
06/03/17: ‘Fletcher Bay’ 
by singer/songwriter Harry Pane [Independent]


27/02/17: ‘Strange Clothes’ by Liverpool-based indie rock band The Night Café [Independent]
20/02/17: ‘Things That Make You Beautiful’
by singer/songwriter John Adams [Independent]
13/02/17: ‘Yellow Ribbon’
by East London-based alt-rock band Evawolf [Independent]
06/02/17: ‘Gold Horizons’
by Leeds-based alt-pop band Polo [AWAL]


30/01/17: ‘Killing Me’ by Bristol-based singer/songwriter Luke Sital-Singh [Raygun Music]
23/01/17: ‘Queen Mab’
by American multi-genre artist Becca Stevens [GroundUp Music]
16/01/17: ‘Heart Of Man’ 
by British poet and hip-hop artist Joshua Luke Smith [Orphan No More]

09/01/17: ‘Slow Down The Flow’ by French-Israeli pop artist TAL [Warner Music France]

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