Bassrush 2.0 (Viper Presents)

Viper Recordings have teamed up once again with esteemed American label Insomniac Records and Bassrush Promotions to bring the second installation of Bassrush; a massive compilation album featuring some of the best of Drum & Bass. Representing the biggest names in bass on both sides of the Atlantic, the compilation features some of Viper’s best and brightest alongside other legends of the genre as well as a few newcomers. With 38 tracks, 14 new exclusives, and 2 DJ mixes from Consouls & Des McMahon and The Voss & NC-17, Bassrush 2.0 is a must have for Drum & Bass fans all over the world.

Bassrush is an assault on the senses and features some familiar faces we’ve recently featured on Will 2 Listen; namely BMotion, Cyantific and Blaine Stranger. All strong contenders on what is a formidable roster who have each provided tracks with intense firepower.

There’s something for all fans of Viper here, but if you haven’t taken the opportunity to sample their sound before, this is the perfect introduction to their releases.

So which of the 14 new exclusives stand out for us? ‘Upside Down Cross’ by Replicant will certainly turn heads and rock the foundations with its combination of machine gun percussion and shuffling bass. Dilemn’s use of distorted rock guitar on ‘Night & Day’ is incredibly refreshing and the results are mind-blowing. This could be my favourite of the bunch. Dub Elements also impress by channelling an air of Delta Heavy on ‘Drakul’ with an uncompromising bass attack combined with head-spinning oscillation. 

There’s something for all fans of Viper here, but if you haven’t taken the opportunity to sample their sound before, this is the perfect introduction to their releases. While there isn’t an abundance of lighter liquid-leaning productions, you will occasionally find a hidden gem such as ‘Larry’ by Dossa and Locuzzed. The presence of big names Matrix & Futurebound, Jaguar Skills and Cyantific as well as less-known emergents Ekko & Sidetrack, Theatrix and Blacklab means the collection holds a certain familiarity as well as offering some fresh surprises.  

So go on, stop reading and download this awesome compilation. Of course, if you’re interested in our overall score then, by all means, read on.  

Noteworthy Details

14 new originals
The crème de la crème of bass
Nice balance of big names and newbies





01. Original Sin vs. Jaguar Skills – Vandals Back (feat. ELE)
02. The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
03. J Majik vs. Jonay – Reptile *
04. Matrix & Futurebound – The Wall
05. Aktive vs. Bad Syntax feat. Krime Fyter – Like This *
06. Jaguar Skills – The Riot Squad (feat. Mind Vortex)
07. Replicant – Upside Down Cross *
08. InsideInfo – Renegade (feat. Jakes)
09. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – I’m Gone (feat. BullySongs)
10. Cyantific – Fade Into The Night
11. Varcity – Joy In Me (Ekko & Sidetrack Remix)
12. Consouls vs. Zeal – The Atlas *
13. Moby – A Simple Love (BMotion Remix)
14. Matrix & Futurebound – Fire (feat. Max Marshall) (Killer Hertz Remix)
15. Des McMahon vs. not sorry – Shadows *
16. Dub Elements – Fire Power
17. Dilemn – Night & Day *
18. Blaine Stranger – Mesmerise
19. Kallan HK – Slow Motion *
20. Toronto Is Broken – Make Me Feel
21. Cyantific – Back Off
22. Murdock – Make Me Stronger (feat. Jenna G) (Murdock’s Brass Balls Remix) *
23. Blaine Stranger – Into You *
24. Killer Hertz – All Out
25. InsideInfo – Revenants (feat. Scott Kennedy)
26. Ekko & Sidetrack – Melodic *
27. Original Sin – Expansions
28. Brookes Brothers – Good To Me (feat. Majesty) (BMotion Remix)
29. Dossa & Locuzzed – Larry
30. Trei vs. Insomniax – Pulling Teeth
31. Mob Tactics – Welcome To Your Nightmare (feat. Nuklear MC)
32. Blaine Stranger – Rock With It (feat. Coppa)
33. The Voss vs. NC-17 – Psycho *
34. Dub Elements – Drakul *
35. Theatrix – Trojan (feat. Siege MC) *
36. Blacklab – Crowd Control *
37. Bassrush 2.0 Mixed by Consouls & Des McMahon *
38. Bassrush 2.0 Mixed by The Voss & NC-17 *

*New, unreleased track