Bianca Rose – No Fear Here

As cliche as it sounds, Bianca Rose puts her heart and soul into her music. This may be true of many singer-songwriters but having seen Bianca perform as a support and as a headline act I have been highly anticipating her debut album. No Fear Here is the result of many years work for Bianca, not just musically but personally too. Her experience feeds into her music, but too much focus on a particular theme can lead to lyrical monotony. Does No Fear Here fall into the same trap?

The production is in safe hands with Femi Temowo (George Benson, Andrea Bocelli, Amy Winehouse, The Roots, ESKA & Soweto Kinch). Having supported Bianca at her Album Fundraiser you can be sure that he understands her sound and direction. “What can my words achieve?” sings Bianca on ‘Hidden’ and I’d say quite a lot on the face of it. On ‘Eagles’ she soars with optimism as she proclaims she is “learning to fly” before landing into ‘Wall Paper Painting’ which sounds like a waltz written for the underdog character in a West End Musical.

This is an album of pleasant musicianship and production.

The album is also interspersed with a couple of brief interview snippets with a woman called Carina and a man called Breis. They are nice interludes layered on top of airy guitar melody and are a clever way for Bianca to get her thoughts across without recording them herself. With others expressing those feelings it makes it more relatable; they’re thoughts which a lot of people will share.

This is an album of pleasant musicianship and production. However, as No Fear Here approaches its conclusion I find the message is slightly losing it’s effectiveness. ‘The Promise’, ‘I Know Who Holds Tomorrow’ and ‘You’re Beautiful’ are just as good if not better than what’s come before. But they’re all too similar for one to shine. That, in a nutshell, is why the whole album doesn’t have as much impact as it should.


By Will Hunt

Noteworthy Details

Beautiful vocals and nice production
Impact weakened by repetitive message and sound
Clever use of spoken word interludes




Track List
1. No Fear Here, Pt. 1
2. Hidden
3. Eagles
4. Wall Paper Painting
5. No Fear Here (Carina’s Story)
6. When it’s Gone
7. Because of Love (feat. Ayanna Witter-Johnson)
8. No Fear Here (Breis’ Story)
9. The Promise
10. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
11. You’re Beautiful
12. No Fear Here, Pt. 2