Ed Sheeran – Shape of You/Castle on the Hill

It appears that it’s now the turn of Ed Sheeran to join the plethora of singer-songwriters to journey down the route of boring and conventional modern pop music. At least his two previous records displayed an acoustic and vocal prowess which emerged from humble beginnings. His inspiring rise to fame along with his charitable and down-to-earth nature has made him a relatable star. Ed Sheeran’s continued success is predicated mainly on his humanity rather than his music which when you look at it isn’t particularly unique. ‘Shape of You’ does little to entertain but ‘Castle on the Hill’ is stronger for it’s rousing rhythm and chorus. A Coldplay-esque anthem it restores hope that Sheeran’s next instalment may not be as dreary as I first feared.

Words: Will Hunt

Label: Asylum Records UK

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