Fred V & Grafix – Clap Funk

With their new single ‘Clap Funk’, Fred V & Grafix have once again captured the side to their production which really moves me. Minus a few edited vocal chops, this is an instrumental and for a long time, I’ve believed this is where they shine. I don’t mean to discourage Fred V’s new role as lead vocalist, but ‘Clap Funk’ possesses the charm of ‘Major Happy’ and ‘Comb Funk’. They have a gorgeous fluid quality without the need for vocals to move you; the instrumentation and production are enough. That said, Fred’s vocal contributions did impress on ‘Hurricanes (Wild Love)’ and ‘Colours Fading’. I just hope there are enough instrumentals like ‘Clap Funk’ to balance out their upcoming album Cinematic Party Music.

Words: Will Hunt

Label: Hospital Records




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