Skrillex – Would You Ever (feat. Poo Bear)

Skrillex has teamed up with songwriter and record producer Jason Boyd, a.k.a. Poo Bear, on his new single. ‘Would You Ever’ sees Skrillex chop and edit Poo Bear’s clean vocal into a glitch effect reminiscent of his early material. Rather than deliver a disappointing drop, as on recent singles ‘Slam Dunk’ and ‘Waiting’, he keeps the rhythm and vibe consistent. The vocal mix is also well-balanced between Boyd’s clean vocal and Skrillex’s pitched-shifting glitch edits. ‘Would You Ever’ is an example of the Skrillex’s other sonic sweet spot. Now seemingly removed from his breakthrough bass wobble style, his house persona proves to be more attractive than his middle-of-the-road EDM and trap productions.

Words: Will Hunt

Label: OWSLA/Big Beat