Sophie Hutchings – Wide Asleep

Sydney-based pianist and composer Sophie Hutchings has an aptitude for creating captivating and soothing compositions which combine the beauty of classical with the intrigue of modern production. The piano lends itself to experimentation being such a versatile instrument that can slot into almost any genre, but with Hutchings’ classical sound it is hard to suggest that this is not where it truly belongs as an instrument.

‘Dream Gate’ proceeds to draw me in; a stirring intro tone that gradually leads to the first dance of the keys. When combined with the strings this song becomes powerful and vivid to the point of mastery over the listener’s senses. Cellist Peter Holo and violinist Jay Kong combine with Hutchings so effectively, creating a listening experience of sheer quality. This continues with ‘Falling’ which again proves to be hypnotic with the dreamy piano melody and choral harmonies carrying you along while the strings evoke a feeling of floating befitting the song title.

This is a rich and deep addition by Sophie Hutchings to her highly-regarded instrumental oeuvre.

‘Memory I’ and ‘Memory II’ are two parts of a characteristically reflective whole. The former teases the listener with deep piano melody and tantalising strings while the latter makes the colours of the “Memory” appear brighter and bolder. The choral harmonies enhance Part II, lifting the composition  on a spiritual level before the piece gradually fades leaving the piano to gently end the tale. This is a very beautiful piece of songwriting.

Finally, Hutchings proceeds to bid us farewell with ‘Blind Dance’. The graceful end to this album begins delicately with a hint of optimism contrasting with the slightly more melancholic second half. It becomes darker as she plays this album to sleep.

This is a rich and deep addition by Sophie Hutchings to her highly-regarded instrumental oeuvre.


By Will Hunt

Noteworthy Details

Moving instrumental album
Wonderful harmony
Adds to successes of ‘Night Sky’ and ‘White Light’



Listen to ‘Wide Asleep’ by Sophie Hutchings below: